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Practice policies and procedures

Insurance Card:
Insurance cards are the responsibility of the patient. New insurance cards or current Medicaid cards should be presented to the receptionist upon arrival. This applies even if the new card is from the same insurance carrier. If we do not have the correct information before billing, the rejected claim will be your responsibility; most insurance carriers impose a time limit on claim filling.

Please be on time:
If you are 15 minutes late, please call us and we will reschedule you for another day. Missed appointments without notification are not acceptable; 3 no-shows will be cause for termination from the practice. Please be courteous and inform us of cancellations.

Billing Concerns
If you have a question regarding your bill please contact the office at +1 (432) 400-3066.

Call for an appointment. We try our best to schedule our sick patients on the same day of your call for acute diseases. For well-child exams, we schedule in advance and try to accommodate your hours with our available spots. Sometimes, an appointment may take longer, or an emergency may arise; Doctors and/or Nurse Practitioners will make every effort to stay on schedule.

If a follow-up visit is needed, an appointment card with the date and time will be given. A yearly physical is required. If your child has not been seen in 3 years, he/she will be considered a new patient

In case of an emergency:
Please go to the hospital of your choice. The hospital you choose may be according to your insurance recommendations or your preference.


If you need a medication refill, call your pharmacy and they will contact our office. If we prescribe during your visit, we prefer to write or e-prescribe. If we need to call a prescription, the pharmacy may fail to fill the prescription, due to the large volume of calls they receive. If a prescription for a controlled substance is needed, please call us at least one week before you run out. Please do not allow your child to run out of medications.