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ADA Family Clinic understands the importance of being there for your children as they grow. You can count on Dr. Abiodun Okin-Ayileka to provide your child with exceptional care from birth through adult years.

We serve a large multi-cultural pediatric population of children from birth to adult years. Our pediatric staff is passionate about making sure all children have up to date vaccinations.

Children get into all kinds of scary and sometimes painful situations as they grow and play. While small abrasions or bruises might not warrant a pediatric appointment, you can walk-in.

We have an open door policy for sick and walk-in pediatric visits.  You can call for a same day appointment and be seen.  If your child is contagious, they will be placed in an isolation exam room for the visit.  This protects your child and others.  Our clinic is equipped with competent staff members and state of the art equipment to provide the best care for your child like;

  • Pediatric Health
  • Immunization
  • Sport Physical
  • Texas Health Step
  • Common Childhood Disease

Call +1 (432) 400-3066 now to speak with our Physician in Midland, TX about your child’s health. We’ll help you decide whether you need to schedule an appointment.